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05/19: 1945: Born on this day, Pete Townshend of The Who is born in Chiswick, United Kingdom. His career with The Who spans 50 years. Townshend is the primary songwriter for The Who, having written well over 100 songs for the band's 11 studio albums, including concept albums and the rock operas Tommy and Quadrophenia, plus popular rock and roll radio staples such as Who's Next, and dozens more that appeared as non-album singles, bonus tracks on reissues, and tracks on rarities compilations such as Odds & Sods. Although known primarily as a guitarist, he also plays other instruments such as keyboards, banjo, accordion, harmonica, ukulele, mandolin, violin, synthesiser, bass guitar and drums, on his own solo albums, several Who albums, and as a guest contributor to a wide array of other artists' recordings. He is self-taught on all of the instruments he plays and has never had any formal training.


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05/20: 1944: born on this day, Joe Cocker, known for his spastic stage movements, which John Belushi famously imitated on Saturday Night Live. When Cocker appeared on the show in 1976, Belushi did an incredibly accurate imitation and then Cocker came out and sang with him. Quote from Cocker: "Moving my hand around is subconscious with me. A lot of the time I'm more or less conducting the band, just keeping a feel. I don't know why I do it. It's just one of those things."

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05/21: 1977: Fleetwood Mac's Rumours album takes over the #1 spot from the Eagles Hotel California, where it stays for 31 weeks.


05/22: 1971: The Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers album, with a working zipper on the cover, hits #1. The zipper opened to reveal cotton briefs, was conceived by American pop artist Andy Warhol. The cover, a photo of Joe Dallesandro's crotch clad in tight blue jeans, was assumed by many fans to be an image of Mick Jagger. The album also features the first usage of the "Tongue and Lip Design" designed by John Pasche.

05/23: 1979: Tom Petty files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a legal maneuver to protect him from MCA, which has acquired his record company. A deal is reached where MCA creates a subsidiary called Backstreet Records, which is devoted to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.