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04/07 1949: Born on this day, John Oates 64, (Hall & Oates)


04/08 1963, Born on this day, Julian Lennon, first son of Beatle John Lennon and the only child of Lennon's first wife Cynthia Lennon. His godfather was Beatles' manager Brian Epstein. Julian Lennon had the 1991 UK No.6 single 'Saltwater'. Had a cameo role in the 1995 film 'Leaving Las Vegas', as a bartender. 1998, Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood was rescued, along with 11 other passengers, in the nick of time, from a boat when an engine caught fire. The boat was exploring the islands near Angra Dos Reis, south of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, when one of the boat's engines caught fire. Passengers were rescued by nearby journalists, just before the boat exploded.

04/09 1970: Amid rising tensions, Paul McCartney officially quits The Beatles, which dissolves the band. The group members are all working on solo projects at the time. 1966 During a Yardbirds show in Marseilles, France, guitarist Jeff Beck collapses from exhaustion; eleven years later to the day, his former bandmate Jimmy Page causes the end of a Led Zeppelin gig in Chicago when he's struck down by stomach cramps.

04/10 1970, Doors singer Jim Morrison was dragged off stage by keyboardist Ray Manzarek during a concert in Boston, after Morrison asked the audience, 'Would you like to see my genitals?'. Theater management quickly switched off the power. Morrison had been arrested in Miami a year earlier for "lewd and lascivious behavior" during a performance. 1970 27 year-old Paul McCartney issued a press statement, announcing that The Beatles had split, (one week before the release of his solo album). McCartney said, "I have no future plans to record or appear with The Beatles again, or to write any music with John". John Lennon, who had kept Paul’s much-earlier decision to leave The Beatles quiet for the sake of the others, was furious. When a reporter called Lennon to comment upon McCartney's resignation, Lennon said, "Paul hasn't left. I sacked him."

04/11 1981: Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen marries actress Valerie Bertinelli. They would separate in 2001 and divorce in 2005. Their son, Wolfgang, goes on to become the bass player in his dad's group. 1970: Fleetwood Mac founding member Peter Green announces he is leaving the group, to devote himself to "What God would have me do." After a few member changes, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks join the band for their most successful lineup in 1974. 1991: Ringo Starr guests on Fox-TV's The Simpsons.: