Welcome to the 80’s at 8 blog with featuring today’s songs, song facts and trivia! If you know never to stay in a hotel with Jack Nicholson, even if it's just the Marriott, if you still hate Tiffani Amber Thiessen because she got to kiss Zack and A.C, if you would be proud to partake of some pecan pie with Harry and Sally or if you've ever been unfortunate enough to be a man with a perm, then you’re listening to the right station; this is the 80’s at 8 We kick off today’s show with a song from 1983 by Prince who re-recorded this song in 1998 after leaving Warner Brothers records who retained the rights to the original recording He hated the record company so much he had to re-record in an attempt to keep them from profiting from the original version, but it became a minor hit Here’s “1999”

From 1987 Icehouse “Electric Blue” If you've ever gotten physical with Olivia Newton John or sweated to the oldies with Richard Simmons or if you've ever slid into a room in your skivvies and socks, then you’re in the right place; this is the 80’s at 8 From 1985 Level 42 “Something About You”
From 1986 Fabulous Thunderbirds “Tuff Enuff” If Teen Wolf taught you that the three rules to live by are never get less than twelve hours sleep; never play cards with a guy who has the same first name as a city; and never get involved with a woman with a tattoo of a dagger on her body, if when I say the name Einstein you instantly thing of the dog than the genius or if you always think the force is with you, then you’re listening to the right station; this is the 80’s at 8 From 1982 “After The Fire”
Here is the answer to today's timeline, in which year did each of the following things take place? A squirrel closed down the New York Stock Exchange when it burrowed through a telephone line Sam Malone got a new boss and a new love interest when Kirstie Alley's Rebecca Howe replaced Shelly Long's Diane Chambers on Cheers And Jason Bateman was howlingly unsuccessful in attempting to fill Michael J. Fox’s shoes in Teen Wolf Too in 1987 That same year Johnny Hates Jazz had a top five hit in both the US and the UK Ironically enough there was no Johnny in the band and they were discovered in a jazz club. Here’s “Shattered Dreams”
From 1986 The Moody Blues “Your Wildest Dreams” That song was this group's first top ten single since Nights in White Satin You can watch the video for that song plus thousands more all for free at theRiver1059.com keyword 80’s The 80’s at 8 will continue next with a song that “Family Ties” writer Michael Whitehorn came upon when he was sitting at a bar and just happened to need a sad romantic song for the show so he borrowed it Find out what song he used in 4.5 minutes
From 1981 Billy Vera “At This Moment” If you're still having nightmares about Judge Doom, Large Marge and the Peculiar Purple Pie Man, if you know exactly what it sounds like when the doves cry or if you ever get a hankering for a good game of Win, Lose or Draw, then you’re listening to the right station; this is the 80’s at 8 From 1988 When In Rome “The Promise”
From 1984 John Cafferty and The Beaver Brown Band “On The Dark Side” If you ever longed to earn your Stripes with Bill Murray and John Candy, if you still get cravings for an Orange Julius from the mall or if you're not internationally known but you're known to rock a microphone, then you’re in the right place; this is the 80’s at 8 From 1985 A-Ha “Take On Me”