Thanks for visiting the 80's at 8 blog, updated daily with each day's show content and the music videos for all the songs we played! If you miss the days when your mom stocked your freezer full of Flavor Ice, if you only ate Wheaties because Pete Rose told you to or Life because Mikey liked it, if you quit watching Growing Pains when a certain Titanic actor made the scene or if you read every book in the Flowers in the Attic series, then you’re in the right place; this is the 80’s at 8 powered by McDonald’s We kick off today’s show with quite possibly the most popular song ever written about a game of chess, despite the heavy competition in that category. From 1984 here’s Murray Head “One Night in Bangkok.”

From 1985 Godly & Crème “Cry” If you refer to all motorcycle cops as "Ponch," if you remember a time when Charles was in charge, or if you remember back when Boy George was controversial, then you’re in the right place; this is the 80’s at 8 Now from 1982 Bow Wow Wow “I Want Candy.”
From 1986 The Fabulous Thunderbirds “Tuff Enuff.” If you remember Betty White as less of a cult comedy figure and more of just a dummy from St. Olaf, if you remember Johnny Depp not for Pirates of the Caribbean but for 21 Jump Street, or if you remember Roger Clemens before he did steroids, then you’re in the right place; this is the 80’s at 8 Now from 1985 here’s Til Tuesday “Voices Carry.”
Here is the answer to today’s timeline, in which year did each of the following things take place? The video game with the working title Highway Crossing frog was released into the market as Frogger The Little House on the Prairie got a little bigger when Ma and Pa adopted a son played by Jason Bateman. And Katherine Hepburn and Henry Fonda both took home Best Acting Oscars for the tearjerker On Golden Pond in 1981. That same year the Go-Go’s released their first hit song which was on Rolling Stone’s Top 100 list of greatest pop songs of all time Here’s “Our Lips are Sealed.”
From 1983 Duran Duran “Is There Something I Should Know.” If you remember the days when Dan Akroyd had one thing on his mind, and it was the Staypuft Marshmallow Man, if you remember the days when the Black Eyed Peas' Fergie was just plain "Stacy" in Kids Incorporated, or if you remember the days when the Marlboro Man was allowed on TV commercials, then you’re in the right place; this is the 80’s at 8 Now from 1983 here’s Michael Jackson “Beat it.”
From 1983 Michael Jackson “Beat it.” Eddie Van Hallen recorded the guitar solo on that song as a favor to Quincy Jones. His pay, two six packs of beer. You can find the video for that and thousands more all for free at keyword 80’s. The 80’s at 8 will continue next with a song that features Joe Walsh of the Eagles on guitar, with an artist who at the time was relatively unknown. Find out who it was in 4.5 minutes.
From 1987 Richard Marx “Don’t Mean Nothing.” If you remember when calling someone twink just meant they were Rainbow Brite's best friend, if you remember when DeGrassi Junior High was the most shocking thing on TV, or if you remember when Glenn Close made the jump from dangerous liaison to fatal attraction, you’re in the right place. Now from 1986 The Bangles “Walk Like An Egyptian.”
From 1986 The Bangles “Walk Like an Egyptian.” If you remember when Randy Quaid only played a trashy redneck in the movies, If you remember when Slam Books were kept in black and white composition notebooks and Facebook was nothing but a dream, or if you see no need to be embarrassed by your collection of Ernest movies, you’re in the right place. Now from 1985 The Eurythmics with “Would I Lie to You.”