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80s at 8

The 80's at 8 7-9-14

Posted July 9th, 2014 @ 8:46am

Thanks for visiting the 80's at 8 blog, updated daily with each day's show content and the music videos for all the songs we played! If you always wished you could buy a car from Joe Isuzu, if you can name at least three of the five original MTV VJs, and one of them isn't Martha Quinn, if you can tell the difference between Big, 18 Again!, Vice Versa and Like Father Like Son or if you can't decide whether your favorite veteran is Major Dad, GI Joe or Private Benjamin, then you’re in the right place; this is the 80’s at 8 We kick off today’s show with a song from 1982 by a band who originated in the United Kingdom but had their first breakthrough hit in the United States, Duran Duran “Hungry Like Wolf.” From 1983 Michael Jackson “Billie Jean” If you could be the Walrus, but you'd still have to bum rides off people, if you don't believe in the Beatles, you just believe in me or if you ever accused someone of spreading cooties, then you’re in the right place; this is the 80’s at 8 Now from 1981 Hall & Oates “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)” From 1987 Terence Trent D’ Arby “Wishing Well” If you ever bought a neon pink bottle of Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth perfume, if you ever conned your way into a fancy restaurant by posing as Abe Froman, Sausage King of Chicago or if you ever find yourself on the highway to the danger zone, then you’re in the right place; this is the 80’s at 8 Now from 1982 Adam Ant “Goody Two Shoes.” Here's the answer to today’s timeline, in which year did each of the following things take place? Hulk Hogan defeated the Iron Shiek to win his first WWF championship at Madison Square Garden Mr. Miyagi taught Daniel-san how to wax on and wax off in The Karate Kid And Soleil Moon Frye met Henry and her spirit lifted him right off the ground in the premiere of Punky Brewster in 1984. That same year saw the release of a song by Nena who, outside of her native country of Germany, is truly a one hit wonder Here’s “99 Luftballons” From 1989 Queen “I Want It All” The song remains a live favorite and has been a fixture on the “Queens+” tours, both with Paul Rodgers and Adam Lambert You can see music videos for today’s songs on The 80’s at 8 will continue next with a song that features a former SNL cast member in the music video Find out what song we’re talking about in 4.5 minutes. From 1986 Paul Simon “You Can Call Me Al” If you ever got in trouble for making a slam book, If you ever held out hope that Cliff and Claire would adopt you or If you ever picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue, then you’re in the right place; this is the 80’s at 8 Now from 1986 Fabulous Thunderbirds “Tuff Enuff” From 1983 UB40 “Red Red Wine” If you ever used a Cyndi Lauper video as an excuse to rally the girls for drinks, if you ever wanted to grab a hot dog with Ferris and Cameron at Wrigley or if you ever wanted to snuggle up to Harry and the Hendersons, then you’re in the right place; this is the 80’s at 8 Now from 1986 The Bangles “Manic Monday.”

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