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80s at 8

The 80's at 8 6-26-14

Posted June 26th, 2014 @ 8:50am

Thanks for visiting the 80's at 8 blog, updated daily with each day's show content and the music videos for all the songs we played! If you ever convinced your mom to buy you liquid center gum even though it causes cancer in lab animals, if you ever Did the Right Thing just because Spike Lee told you to, if you ever dreamed of taking a vacation to the Ewok Village or if you ever fantasized about Elizabeth Shue taking you on your own Adventures in Babysitting, then you’re in the right place; this is the 80’s at 8 We kick off today’s show with a song from 1983 about sex just obscure enough not to offend. Here’s Prince “Little Red Corvette” From 1983 Duran Duran “Is There Something I Should Know” If you ever gave your panties to a geek, if you've ever given Long Duck Dong his props or if you ever got annoyed at the DJ for talking over the song you were trying to record on your 90 minute Maxell tape, then you’re in the right place; this is the 80’s at 8 Now from 1986 Belinda Carlisle “Mad About You.” From 1983 Frankie Goes to Hollywood “Relax” If you ever read George Orwell's 1984 because you were inspired by a Mac commercial, if you ever returned to Oz with Fairuza Balk and totally forgot about Judy Garland or if you ever rigged up an entire game of Mousetrap without throwing it out the window, then you’re in the right place; this is the 80’s at 8 Now from 1986 Europe “The Final Countdown.” Here's the answer to today’s timeline, in which year did each of the following events take place? The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame saw its first induction ceremony, honoring artists like Elvis, Chuck Berry, and James Brown. TV finally heeded the public's call for "No Whammies!" by cancelling Press Your Luck after three seasons. And Paul Newman taught Tom Cruise the art of pool hustling in The Color of Money in 1986. That same year Human League called up Jimmie Jam and Terry Lewis following the success of their work on Janet Jackson’s “Control” album, to produce and co-write their album. Here’s “Human.” From 1984 Twisted Sister “We’re Not Gonna Take It” If you've ever been called a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess or a criminal, if you've ever been tempted to follow up a dangerous liaison with a fatal attraction or if you've ever been tempted to go ahead and cross the streams, then you’re in the right place; this is the 80’s at 8 Now from 1983 The Thompson Twins “Hold Me Now.” From 1984 The Thompson Twins “Hold Me Now” The Thompson Twins were actually named after the 2 detectives in the Belgian cartoonist Hergé's comic strip The Adventures of Tintin. You can see the music video for that song and all the other songs from today’s show at The 80’s at 8 will continue next with a song that made appearances on The Discovery Channel television commercials, Subaru of New Zealand used it in a 2004 commercial and its playable in Rock Band. Find out what it is in 4.5 minutes. From 1989 The B-52’s “Roam” If, despite the warnings, you just kept slapping that slap bracelet until you cut yourself, or if you've spent more money on your subscription to Tiger Beat than on Christmas toys for your kids, then you’re in the right place; this is the 80’s at 8 Now from 1987 Crowded House “Something So Strong.” From 1987 Crowded House “Something So Strong” If you've always waited for the Sweet Pickles Bus to visit your house, if you're willing to forgive Scott Baio for being 46 and Pregnant because he was once in charge of your days and your nights, or if you're waiting for the day when you can post pictures of your Flock of Seagulls haircut on Facebook without embarrassment, then you’re in the right place; this is the 80’s at 8 Now from 1986 Sly Fox “Let’s Go All the Way.”

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