Thanks for visiting the 80’s at 8 blog, updated daily with each day’s show content and the music videos for all the songs we played! If anybody ever called you Baby and it didn't occur to you to mind, if you ever thought you looked pretty cool flipping out your comb at the roller rink, if you still find yourself wanting to get Less Than Zero with Robert Downey Jr or if you're still bitter that Meatloaf missed out on Total Eclipse of the Heart, then you’re listening to the right station; this is the 80s at 8 powered by Rock of Ages at The Shubert Theater March 21st and 22nd. We’re starting today’s show off today with a song by the Go Go’s that was used in the opening sequence for the movie Fast Times at Ridegemont High. Here’s “We Got The Beat”

From 1983 Big Country “In A Big Country” If you're still trying to figure out whether Schwarzenegger or DeVito was the cuter twin, if you've rather be a Greaser than a Soash or if you ever accused someone of spreading cooties, you’re in the right place; this is the 80s at 8, from 1985 Level 42 “Something About You”

From 1982 Thomas Dolby “She Blinded Me With Science” If you don't care if it's a cherry or a Coke slushie, as long as it's with Christian Slater, if you know what the P stands for in Alex P. Keaton or if you ever Relaxed just because Frankie told you to, this is the show for you; this is the 80s at 8, from 1983 Michael Sembello “Maniac”


Here is the answer to today’s timeline In which year did each of the following things take place?

Rock Hudson became the first celebrity AIDS victim.

Elmo became the newest kid on the block on Sesame Street.

& Chunk perfected his truffle shuffle and gave us all a craving for a Baby Ruth in The Goonies in 1985, and that year, ABC had a song featured in the movie The Breakfast Club Here’s “Be Near Me”

From 1984 Duran Duran "The Reflex" If you're a fan of 30 Rock not because of Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin but because of Eddie Murphy's Stevie Wonder and Joe Piscopo's Frank Sinatra, then you’re listening to the right station; this is the 80s at 8 From 1984 Nena “99 Luftballoons”


From 1983 Quiet Riot “Cum On Feel The Noize” If you'll never forgive David and Maddie for the end of Moonlighting, if you ever wanted to study Quack Fu under the tutelage of Howard the Duck, if Head of the Class taught you the Russkies weren't that bad with its famous trip to Moscow or if now you know, and knowing is half the battle, then this is the show for you; this is the 80s at 8 From 1982 Hall and Oates “Maneater”