Welcome to the 80’s at 8 blog, updated daily with show content and the music videos for all the songs we played! If you miss being able to screen calls via your answering machine without people flipping out on you, if you ever asked Kenneth what the frequency is, if there was enough cloth in your parachute pants to make a makeshift circus tent, or if you remember letting your hair growing as long as you liked and going through razors a lot less often, then this is the show for you. It is the 80’s at 8 powered by DanielsEnergy.com We’re kicking off today’s show with a song was promoted with a short film that broke down MTV’s racial barrier as the first video by a black artist to be aired on the channel, and the first to feature the King Of Pop moonwalking! From 1983 Michael Jackson “Billie Jean”


From 1980 Donnie Iris “Ah! Leah!” If you ever wanted a crack at James Spader even if he always seemed like such a scumbag, If you ever wanted a Platoon or a Full Metal Jacket of your very own, or If you ever wanted some bacon and eggs with The Breakfast Club, you are in the right place, this is the 80’s at 8, from 1985 the Eurythmics “Would I Lie to You?”



Here is the answer to the timeline, in what year did the following things occur?

Sally Ride became more than just a Billy Joel lyric when she became the first woman in space.

Michael Jackson wowed the world when he premiered the moonwalk on an NBC Motown special.

And Michael Keaton braved Jaws the Vacuum Cleaner and a chili-eating baby as Mr. Mom…in 1983, and that year, Naked Eyes made it big by teaming up with Burt Bacharach to record newer 80’s covers of his famous songs…which later he cited as his favorite, here’s “Promises, Promises”


From 1981 The Go-Go’s “We Got the Beat” If "Angel Eyes" or "When I See You Smile" remind you of middle school dances and all the attendant awkwardness, if you ever Relaxed just because Frankie told you to, or if a particularly Manic Monday ever inspired you to Walk Like an Egyptian, you are on the right station, this is the 80’s at 8, from 1984 Tina Turner “What’s Love Got to Do With It?”


From 1986 OMD “If You Leave” If Emilio Estevez ever convinced you that a pair of wheels was all it took to be a man in motion, If ever find yourself wishing that Scott Baio was in charge of your days and your nights, or If every John Stossel report reminds you of when wreslter David Schultz popped his eardrums on 20\20, this is the show for you, It is the 80’s at 8, from 1980 Gary Newman “Cars”


From 1983 David Bowie “China Girl” if you remember when Vampires and Werewolves were SCARY, not SEXY, if you remember when you could hitch-hike without fear of a painful death, or if you remember learning to type on a beat-up typewriter rather than a beat-up desktop, you are in the right place, this is the 80’s at 8, and from 1985 A-Ha “Take On Me”