Thanks for visiting the 80’s at 8 blog, updated daily with each day’s show content and the music video for all the songs we played! If you remember when computers were little more than green words on a black screen, If you still remember the lyrics to Fraggle Rock, If you swore off drugs for the love of Nancy Regan or If you still do the gopher dance every time you hear the song from Caddyshack, then don’t touch that dial, This is the 80’s at 8, and today we bring you a song from1985, one British band’s only top 10 song here in the U.S., ensuring that today we fondly remember them as a one hit wonder despite their vast international success. Here is Level 42, “Something About You”


From 1983 Taco “Puttin on the Ritz”


From 1982 Joe Jackson “Breaking us in Two” If you can still recite the entire essay from the breakfast club without skipping a beat, if your taste buds can tell the difference between Juicy Juice and Capri Sun, and if you’re still trying to figure out what was up with Tammy Faye Baker’s eyelashes, then this is the show for you. It’s the 80’s at 8, from 1989 Fine Young Cannibals with “Good Thing”


From 1988 Robert Palmer with “Simply Irresistible” If you’ve ever told somebody to “stay golden, Ponyboy”, If you’ve ever shouted “Inconceivable!” and you still aren’t quite sure what it means, and if you have ever attempted to speak fluent Jive, then you’re right at home here. This is the 80’s at 8, and from 1983 we’ve got Michael Sambello with “Maniac”


Here is the answer to the timeline, In which year did the following events take place?

A Stuntman dressed as Spiderman climbed to the top of the Sears Tower, at the time the tallest building in the World

Over 750 Million people worldwide watched Prince Charles and Princes Diana tie the knot at St. Peter’s Cathedral in London

Gene Hackman made a deal with three Krypton Criminals to destroy Christopher Reeve in Superman II…in 1981 and that year, Elton John's writing partner Bernie Taupin penned this song, which was voted by as Blender’s Most Awesomely Bad Song Ever! It's Starship, “We Built this City”


From 1982, Culture Club “Time (Clock of the Heart)”. If you have ever stopped the world to melt with someone, if you were ever curious about what a mayo, Capt. Crunch and Pixie Stick sandwich tasted like, or if Large Marge has ever sent you, then you’re listening to the right station. This is the 80’s at 8, from 1983, Kajagoogoo with “Too Shy”


From 1981 Hall & Oats “I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do)”. If you’re just a little disappointed every time you hit 89 mph on the highway and don’t jump across time, if you know that workin’ 9 to 5 is all takin no givin…and if you love it when a plan comes together, then this is the station for you. It’s the 80’s at 8, and from 1986, Europe “The Final Countdown”