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Aug 6

The Moody Blues

Featured  Mohegan Sun •  Wed, Aug 6, 2014 @ 7:30 pm
The Moody Blues

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Justin Hayward, John Lodge and Graeme Edge  - will be continuing their "voyage" on The Voyage Continues: Timeless Flight tour, with new U.S. dates announced for their upcoming summer 2014 schedule.


The band will be going on five decades strong as of May 5, 2014.  Says The Dallas Morning News:  "The band showed in its performance why it has endured almost half a century...the harmonies between John Lodge and the band front man Justin Hayward created soaring drama punctuated by the interplay between smoke and light ray."  Adds, The St. Louis Post Dispatch:  "It all came down to the melodies, which ranged from gorgeously seductive to simply catchy and punchy...the Moodies depend on nostalgic memories of their fans' youth, but they also know that in the present, these songs can still move the listener."  The Toronto Sun says:  "One of the biggest strengths the band has is knowing what they do and doing it extremely well."

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